In 1968 Mr Giovanni Zucchelli and Mr Enrico Martelli , both strong and determinated in their intend, started giving life to a great passion: to manufacture shoes.

The ‘Finest factory’ was founded initially as a family activity, just few people working, deep engagement and a great enthusiasm towards a work which would have become through the years an ”icon” in his category.

The factory has been working for the last 30 years, improving quality of the product, developing and investing in tecnological advanced resources, but maintained alive and unchanged the genuine artisan working system.

The real special effect of a good product “made in italy” is without doubt his artisan character, which has always been provided by finest to a larger and demanding clientele.

The Finest factory has its seat in Tuscany inside the Florence province and employs 20 workers. At the present time, the foundation members were joined in the firm by, Mr Gianluca Zucchelli, manager of the styling department and Mr Cristiano Martelli, as administrator manager.

Style and lines

The factory style has always been the one to create classical shoes for customers who pay attention to quality.

The choice of first grade leathers, study of colours, accessories and soles research,but most of all the use of “comfort lasts”  up to date, have accompanied since ever ones style and production, becoming”leader” in this kind of shoes.

Since 1970 Finest is producing the ladies college and the mens “San Crispino” lines with the trade mark “Ettore Adriano”.

This brand covers the classical shoe line for ladies: College, sporty moccasin, low boots and boots, which are very much appreciated by countries of the European market like Holland, Germany, Austria and Scandinavia, as well as by international countries as Australia and Canada.

The “Ettore Adriano” line for men marks exclusively the workmanship “San Crispino”, based on a special stitching ,which allowes  to sew the upper to the main sole and insole , making the shoe very comfortable and elegant. The items made out with this kind of construction do concern English styled shoes, derby, laced and moccasin produced with soft leathers like nappa, deer and calf nappa.

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